Amicalola and podcasting

In a few weeks I’ll be moving to Amicalola Falls State Park to start an internship with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Though I’m not really sure what sorts of things I’ll be doing in the course of my duties I know that they will be primarily related to outdoor education, environmental science, and environmental engineering.

Georgia Ecology cover

Recently I was listening to Johns Hopkins PoMed and it gave me the idea of start a podcast to document my internship. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a podcast for a while now but really didn’t have a clear cut idea of what I wanted it to be about. Of course, doing a podcast just about my internship wouldn’t really garner any sort of listener base, and if I decided to continue the podcast after I finish at the end of the summer I would have to modify it, change the topic, etc. In the end I decided to generalize the subject matter a bit more. I’m now working on a podcast relating to environmental science and ecology in Georgia; titled simply: Georgia Ecology.

The website and the podcast itself are still under development, but I’d be interested in seeing what people have to say about the idea. It’s still possible that this idea will never come to fruition, but the website is almost done and after I start working I should have no lack of interesting things to discuss (as I’ve had recently). Any thoughts?

Update: It looks like the podcast isn’t going to happen for lack of a co-host. Someday maybe I’ll try again.