Amicalola Falls

As I mentioned previously, I recently became a resource management intern with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at Amicalola Falls State Park. The park is beautiful and I love my job so far. While I officially work in resource management I also work with programming and outdoor education, especially with Amicalola’s rehabilitated birds of prey and their reptile collection.

The raptors and other birds are possibly my favorite thing about the park so far; from Owl-Capone (the Barred Owl from Owlcatraz) to Fabio the American Black Vulture (more Stork than raptor), I thoroughly enjoy working with them on, and off the glove. The snakes are also lots of fun and people passing through the visitors center love to touch the snakes and learn about the various species native to Georgia (my favorite being the Eastern King Snake, Elvis even though he sometimes thinks my thumb is a tasty snack).

So if you’re in the Dawson area stop by and see one of our public programs, hike to the falls, or eat at our amazing lodge! The park is just gorgeous this time of year, and there are so many good trails in the area (including the ever popular un-official start to the Appalachian Trail) that it’s hard not to have fun, even when doing so much work (sic)!