As you may have noticed, this blog has changed (again)! Just like last time, I recently updated my personal website and wanted the blog to reflect that. I also wanted to design the new template to be compatible with Blogger’s template designer.

When designing the new site my primary goal was minimalism. My old site had too many colors, lines, and fonts, so I took most of them out. Since the main content of the site (and this blog) is text, the choice of typeface was very important. With this in mind I looked for three things: First of all, the typefaces needed to reflect the simplicity of the site, secondly they needed to be installed on the majority of my visitors computers (or be licensed for use as a webfont), and finally, they needed to make reading the site easy. To achieve this I looked primarily at humanist and neo-grotesque typefaces. I ended up settling on Verdana, Geneva, and Tahoma (falling back in that order) for the body text. For titles I wanted a transitional serif font which would be easy to read, both on screen, and in print. I ended up using Georgia with Times New Roman as a fall back. The main heading of the site felt important enough that I wanted it to stand apart from the rest of the page and have its own typeface; for this I chose Museo.