New public key

As of today I have a new public key; effective immediately key 0xEC2C9934 supersedes my old key 0x0DBB515F.

The details of the new key are as follows:

pub   4096R/EC2C9934 2012-05-26 [expires: 2014-05-26]
      Key fingerprint = F259 8DED 56ED E408 FD41  484B FB39 BCF7 EC2C 9934
      uid                  Samuel Whited <>
      uid                  [jpeg image of size 2860]
      sub   4096R/81558419 2012-05-26 [expires: 2014-05-26]

To fetch my new key from a keyserver you can run:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys F2598DED56EDE408FD41484BFB39BCF7EC2C9934

A clearsigned copy of this post is included below:

EDIT: Blogger formatting was causing the signed version of the post to fail verification. I’ve re-signed with SHA512 and uploaded the signature to my website here: