New SSL Certificates

As of today this blog has a new SSL certificate issued by StartSSL. From now on, it will be served only via SSL.

The new certificate’s fingerprints are:

  DA 15 87 5D 13 F3 64 46 4A 21 8A 74 DF 1B B7 8A DA 17 DF 1C
  A7 F9 AE 96 53 4B D7 DB 84 71 05 8E FF 85 FB 8D 3A EE F3 09 30 39 9F 41 23
  F1 E0 82 87 6A 69 12

If you have any questions feel free to contact me

EDIT: The parent domain,, now redirects to this blog. This may or may not be a permanent change; I haven’t decided yet.