I’m now a little beyond the half way point of the trail chronologically, and a bit before it distance-wise, and have run into my second injury of the trip. A few days before reaching Harpers Ferry, WV I noticed that a bug bite on the back of my left knee was beginning to turn a nasty bluish color and was hot to the touch. I went to the local Urgent Care and got some antibiotics to take care of it. Unfortuantely, the infection appears to be spreading and the meds make it rather difficult to do the miles I’m used to (I’ve only been doing 15 miles a day since starting the antibiotics).

To try and take care of the problem, I stopped again in Smithsburg, MD and took the bus to nearby Hagerstown where I was able to go to another Urgent Care. There they ran a few tests (results pending) and changed the antibiotics I’m taking. They also gave me a shot in each leg (of the same antibiotics) which makes today a bit of a waste as far as hiking goes. Hopefully all this is cleared up soon and I’m able to get back on the trail with renewed energy. Updates will be posted here when I know more.

Update 22 July, 2014: My lyme test came back negative today, but fighting the infection is still ongoing.

Update 27 July, 2014: I’m now almost through PA and my infection is more or less gone.