Moving To Hugo

It’s time again for this blog to get an upgrade; I’ve been posting less than ever, mostly due to the old platform being incredibly difficult to use. So, to make things a bit simpler, this blog is now generated with Hugo!

It also sports a new look, a theme that I’m calling “Newsprint”. It’s not quite done yet (so it’s not available to use on your own site), but the basics are all there and it’s good enough for me to start testing it here. Newsprint looks broadly similar to my old theme, Tīˈpō. The main difference is that the homepage is now more vertically oriented, which ever so slightly reduces the focus on the images (I don’t do as much photography these days, and every post may not have a photo). I’ve also tweaked my usage of small caps to be more consistent across the site, and made other minor changes to try and make things a tad more readable. Newsprint is set in Cormorant Garamond, which has capital Q’s with lovely long stems (assuming ligatures and variants are available in your browser):

Let me know if you spot any issues.

Update: Newsprint is now available for your own sites; get it on the Hugo themes site: