We danced to a tune by light of the moon;
  the fiddle was lively and gay.
A buoy-bell rang in the swell,
  and laughing we ran through the spray.

The wind in your hair was fairer than fair
  when you gave my hand a soft squeeze.
With sand in our toes we cast off our cloths,
  and naked we danced to our heart’s ease.

The seabirds were wailing, the night wind was failing,
  when at last we fell to the ground.
A fire was burning in our hearts: a yearning
  to sing for the joy that we’d found!

There long we lay till the slow break of day,
  then you stood and looked to the sun:
“I must away, no more can I stay,
  our lives can never be one”.

A darkness took me as you left the sea.
  The rest of my life I’d spend
searching for you, and the life that we knew,
  wandering by the sea scend.

Long time I walked, to no man I talked:
  a shadow on the strand;
by the sea haunted, by leaving it daunted,
  lost in a once familiar land.

I searched in vain; lost in my pain.
  For many a year I’d roam,
but our days were done. No more would we run,
  or dance in the white sea foam.

Still must I seek, with you longing to speak,
  or lie among the dunes.
Through blind night I stalk, to the world’s end I walk,
  unable to dance under the moon.