Sipping my tea, I think back and remember Joanna:
Quietness isn't the same for me now.

You came to America, wondering what you'd find:
Atlanta in a forest of broken dreams,
A people in turmoil, and no one seems to know why.
Communities falter before they've begun.

A lawnmower hums and I wake from my reverie.
I'd forgotten, about your America.

Driving to the North, far away from the city.
You looked for meaning in every farm passing by.
I bought you peanuts and gave you a tour of the mountains.

We danced in Kirkwood, then took the train going nowhere;
Out of the window the car lights flashed by.
I said, ``Look at the city", forgetting you couldn't see:
Our eyes met, and we knew eachothers minds.

Concrete islands separate neighbor from neighbor,
You took the bus and left Eastpoint behind.
We can't be lovers, you've gone to discover,
Your place in this new America.