An absurd collection of poems, rants, and other peculiar things.

New what exactly?

In which I wish everyone a happy new year.

Public Key

TL;DR — New PGP public key 0x54083AE104EA7AD3

Court of Public Opinion

My thoughts on the Ferguson unrest and the shooting of Michael Brown.

In search of XMPP perfection

In which I attempt to find a public, layman friendly XMPP server.

Letter to the town of Lincoln

In which I write a letter to the town of Lincoln, NH and receive a surprising response.

He, She, and They

In which I complain about people writing "he [or she]".

Code's Compiling

A contra dance.

Follow-up letter to a young scientist

A follow-up to letter № IV from Edward O. Wilson's 'Letters to a Young Scientist'.


In which I sustain another injury near Harpers Ferry.

Fixing Introductory Computer Science Education

My ideas for a CS curriculum and textbook.