An absurd collection of poems, rants, and other peculiar things.

Considering a WISP

How I imagine a wireless internet service provider would work in an Atlanta suburb.

Introducing Mux

An introduction to, an HTTP multiplexer for Go.

Extensions in Mellium

Guidelines for implementing XEPs and other extensions for the Mellium XMPP library.

Evaluating Cloud Providers

Some quick notes after evaluating Vultr, Linode, and DigitalOcean.

Medicare for All

An “I was wrong”, and Warren’s plan to pay for Medicare for All.

Fourth DNC Debate

Thoughts on the Fourth DNC Debate.

Second DNC Debates

Some quick thoughts on the second DNC debate nights.

Right Shoulder Round

More thoughts on exclusive contra dance terms.

Larks and Ravens

Thoughts on the surprisingly contentious world of contra roles.

Go and Sum Types

Imagining sum types in Go.