An absurd collection of poems, rants, and other peculiar things.

Lament to Sarah

A contra dance for Sarah.

New and Improved TLS Certificate

In which this blog gets a new TLS certificate.

Writing of Ships

Writing of ships is hard work on an empty stomach.

The Dharma of Vi

The dharma of Vi as handed down by the Patriarchs Joy and Moolnaar.

New what exactly?

In which I wish everyone a happy new year.

Public Key

TL;DR — New PGP public key 0x54083AE104EA7AD3

Court of Public Opinion

My thoughts on the Ferguson unrest and the shooting of Michael Brown.

In search of XMPP perfection

In which I attempt to find a public, layman friendly XMPP server.

Letter to the town of Lincoln

In which I write a letter to the town of Lincoln, NH and receive a surprising response.

He, She, and They

In which I complain about people writing "he [or she]".