An absurd collection of poems, rants, and other peculiar things.

A Contra for Kirsty

A contra dance for someone who made me feel welcome while traveling.

Cooperative Identity

Why I decided to follow cooperative principles when starting Corner Garage Co-op.

GTK3 Patterns in Rust: Structure

Common patterns I use when writing GTK3 applications in Rust.

What's Wrong With XMPP?

An overview of problems facing the XMPP protocol and community.

Recipe for a Roadster Take 2

A recipe for the perfect roadster.

Supporting Go Modules

A few things I learned from adding Go Modules support to 20 or so projects.


We danced to a tune, by light of the moon, the fiddle was lively and gay.

Remaining Problems With Go Modules

Unnecessary complaining about my two big concerns with modules.

A quick overview of the Go package.


To the sultry roll of a mandolin, your child came.