Poems, rants, and peculiar things.

Fourth DNC Debate

Thoughts on the Fourth DNC Debate.

Second DNC Debates

Some quick thoughts on the second DNC debate nights.

Right Shoulder Round

More thoughts on exclusive contra dance terms.

Larks and Ravens

Thoughts on the surprisingly contentious world of contra roles.

Go and Sum Types

Imagining sum types in Go.

DNC Debate Night 2

My inexpert analysis of the second night of DNC debates in which I praise Harris.

DNC Debate Night 1

My inexpert analysis of the first night of DNC debates which mostly turns into a pitch for Warren.

A Contra for Kirsty

A contra dance for someone who made me feel welcome while traveling.

Cooperative Identity

Why I decided to follow cooperative principles when starting Corner Garage Co-op.

GTK3 Patterns in Rust: Structure

Common patterns I use when writing GTK3 applications in Rust.