Late New Year Post

I meant to do my usual new year post this year (after forgetting entirely last year), but was distracted by an excellent contra dance. So here’s my slightly late summary of 2013:

In the past year I published 11 posts on this blog. Of those posts 3 were about computing topics, 5 were poetry, two were articles on topics close to my heart (weapons carry, and why higher education is probably a waste of your time), and 1 is a sort of live-blog about something only I am interested in: Any and all modifications I make to my car. My most popular post for the year (God knows why) was “Don’t be Evil” which reached 5th place on Hacker News (which is odd given that most of the commenter’s don’t appear to have actually read the post). I’ve also gotten a lot of great feedback (and even a pull request) on this blog’s new theme: Tīˈpō.

Where this blog will go in 2014, I don’t know. I’m hoping to write more proper articles (instead of just poetry or lists), and do more photography which has been falling off lately.

Have a happy new year, and thanks for reading.